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Have I Lived a Past Life? Learn How to Safely Remember Your Previous Lifetimes

By Danny Fredricks What can a psychic, medium or spiritual professional tell you about past lives? Should you seek out a hypnotist to remember a previous lifetime? Or maybe it’s smarter to simply try to work them out on your own? What about meditation, dream visualization, regression therapy or even using natural “herbs” like Auwaska to...

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3 Sure Shot Signs You’ve Lived a Past Life

By Danny Fredricks Who else wants to get proof you’ve lived before? Do you have a strong sense or feeling that this is NOT the first life you’ve lived? The truth is, while there IS a lot of “new age nonsense” and spiritual silliness surrounding the idea of past lives and reincarnation, there is plenty of sound science and spiritual...

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3 Practical Psychic Development Tips Everyone Ought to Try

By Danny Fredricks Who else loves the idea of becoming psychic? What if I were to tell you that you already WERE psychic… and that much of what we consider to be extra-ordinary abilities are actually hardwired into your body, and biology… at this very minute? The truth is, in my own journey from skeptic and cynic to true blue believer,...

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